@2019 - E Masters - Spirel Photographic





Weddings from $1800

Small weddings, elopements from $900

-  For full package & print options please inquire  -





  • 1 Hour shoot at an organised location

  • 50 images 

  • Supplied in High Resolution 

  • 10 4" X 6" prints




  • 1 hour and a half shoot at an organised location

  • 100+ images

  • Supplied in High Resolution 

  • 10 4" X 6" Prints

  • 1 8" X 10" Print






This packages is a 20-30 minute session in a location of your choice (or arranged) with your 10 images supplied edited and print ready.  




This package allows for a 30-50 minute shoot in a location of your choice (or arranged) with 15 images supplied edited and print ready. 




We love your work and would love to have you capture our day, how do we book?

Firstly - yay! Congratulations, you're engaged! Secondly, thank you for considering me as your photographer.  To book, simply get in touch and let me know you are interested and I will be in touch with all the details.  Basically, I just ask for a 20% deposit to save the date and get you to fill out a form and then it is all booked!  I can also meet  with you for a coffee (before or after booking) and we can have  a chat about your day

Do you travel?

Yes - sure do!  Depending on the package you choose, travel may be included but if not, please get in touch with your location and I can let you know how much travel/Accommodation (if needed) would be.

Will you be the shooter on the day?

Yes, I am a firm believer in the fact that the person you communicate, meet and book is the same person there on your day.  Not only have you developed a relationship with them but they are the one that best knows your plans!  I will also be the person doing the editing and helping with any follow up prints or albums you may need. 

Do you use a second shooter?

No, I don't use a second shooter.  To be honest, I work better alone and as my style is candid and somewhat unobtrusive, this works better.  I shoot with two cameras which allows me to capture your day quickly and seamlessly. 

Do you offer albums other than the ones included in the packages?

Yes, I offer a range of other items - smaller albums, linen albums, stone prints, enlargements, mini-albums and regular prints.  These can be purchased after the day.  

What is your shooting style?

My shooting style is candid, natural and somewhat documentary.  I prefer to capture your day as it happens not how it is set up.  I still do a 'walk' which includes some posed portraits along with the traditional group shots but other than that, let your day happen and I will capture it! 

We hate poses, will that be ok?

No problem! Candids are my fav!  Natural always look better so when it comes to doing the bridal portraits, just be you guys as if I wasn't there.  I can direct a little if you are still stuck but it will be all good!  You hopefully won't notice me most of the day (I'll be right there if you need me though!) so just be yourselves and enjoy your day!

Do you have insurance?

Yes & Yes!  I am fully insured and registered so rest assured it is all above board!